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Recent Customer Reviews

Summerlane2018 - 12th September 2018 We lunched at the chateau on a beautiful day in August. Although it was very quiet we had a very nice meal ordering from the Chateau cazine 3 course menu, where there were two choices for each course. The restaurant staff were very friendly and although we were prepared to speak French their English was perfect. We were offered a choice of tables and elected to sit by the open door, which looked out ...
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Emma 2 - 10th September 2018 -  Absolutely breathtaking! Our 3 nights spent in this luxury chateaux was one of the best ever, the polite attentive staff couldn’t have done enough for you, we had many requests about the surrounding area and their knowledge was superb. The accommodation was so beautiful, the grounds of the chateaux were very tranquil, and the rooms an absolute delight! And the food... oh my goodness... the food was OUT ...
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Johnathan, UK - 5th July 2018 -  This is the most spectacular building in the most spectacular grounds. Beautiful views, tranquility and really relaxing atmosphere throughout our stay. Staff are very pleasant and friendly. Fabulous food in the evening with a lovely lighter lunch menu. Great value too. Would highly recommend as an overnight stay if passing through or if you just need a break from the hustle and bustle of busy lives (as ...
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Celesta - 2nd July 2018 -  The chateau is a place to visit. Beautiful surroundings and scenery is peaceful. The staff are 100% attentive and couldn't do more for us. We love the idea of there future plans to expand the area around the chateau to attract more families with amenities. The chateau had a romantic feel for the perfect couple to wake up and feel like royalty in there fantasy bedroom which extended out to the open lawns of ...
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JonJo777, UK - 22nd May 2018 -  First time staying at this particular Chateau. From the moment we parked the car, we were saying “wow” as we carried our suitcases to the steps of the Chateau. Upon entering, we were greeted with a beautiful smile and the magic had begun. We really enjoyed our time and recharged the batteries. Must visit! Impeccable standards with a very high level of detail in the delivery of the service.
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WildeOscar, France - 2nd May 2018 -  We ate an excellent lunch here yesterday. Great value and superb service. The Château de la Cazine is set in its own grounds and the view from the dining room is across well manicured lawns toward an attractive lake. We took our coffees on the terrace in the sun. The location is difficult to find but well worth seeking out. When we phoned and make the lunch booking, the staff were extremely ...
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GaryD, London - 18th April 2018 An excellent hotel in a beautiful location. The building is truly impressive and very picturesque.Our room was spacious with wonderful views. The staff were friendly, attentive and very helpful .. Restaurant... Amazing food and service!!!  The Chateau grounds are delightful if you want to go for a walk and enjoy nature.. for us this was perfect. We didn't have time to use the pool or other seemingly ...
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Lost for words - 22nd March 2018 Fantastic place to have your wedding. Planned and booked quite a while ahead and visited the venue a year prior . Glad to say that everything went perfectly and the place exceeded expectations across the board. For those who are not French, consider reading a cultural book (even just a pamphlet) or two. It is not the UK and it is not America. You may need to follow up. You may need to take some initiative. If ...
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Corrib,Poole,UK - 16th February 2018 This is a stunning hotel, lovely rooms, well equipped and very stylishly decorated. The reception staff were outstanding, both during the booking procedure and on arrival. The grounds are delightful, and include a swimming pool. The restaurant excellent. Highly recommended.
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David S - 1st November 2017 Interesting historic place. Lovely architecture inside and out. It's lovely to walk around the grounds, the lakes in particular are beautiful. The room was a corner room, great views across to the forest and to the old chateau. Meal was lovely and the little bar is unique. Sad to leave.
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